Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Improve your 3D Art

This blog is for people who are just starting out or who are struggling to find the right website for them to help themselves out. There are loads of different 3d software programs out there but the main ones are Maya, 3d max, modo light wave, cinema4d etc. What I specialise in is Maya but it is good practice to have at least 2 programs that you are knowledgeable about under your belt.

Bellow are some websites that helped me through my degree. These websites are excellent in listing tutorials that will basically help you in any difficulties.

Highed3d this website was well known for but the site seems to have changed to


This site is great for free down loads such as rigs, scripts and shaders. It’s also great for tutorials in scripts and modelling. This new feature now in this website is great for net working and setting up a profile to show off your work. But I do recommend that you set up a profile just for the net working community. This site is also good for Maya, 3d max, Zbrush etc tutorials.

www.cgcookie.com This site is also good for various 3d programs. www.learning-may.com

www.learning-may.com Those who would like to specialise in Maya. This site has more than 1 tutorial but it was great for trying to simulate random floating leaves when I came across that problem while studying for my degree.

Couple of other sites, which are really helpful.



This site was a saver towards the end of my degree. If you are stuck for rendering time and have a stylized character and you don’t want to be at the computer all day trying to simulate hair. I suggest this site because this shader will help cut a lot of time.


Compositing -

Now these web links are for compositor junkies. The software that I’m most familiar with is fusion and aftereffects.

The below sites have fabulous video tutorials which I prefer to use because reading can become tiresome.



I have enjoyed and Hope they never go away because I still have lots more to learn from these websites oh yeah they also have adobe photo shop tutorials too.

Music -

Stuck for some music and you happen to be a student I suggest to check out these sites good for something for the mean time till you find another music buddy to work on a project with you. yes there is a small fee but its less than a pound. Its perfect if you dont want to worry about those minor details like copy right laws.



This is it for now there is a few more sites when I remember them I pop them down.

For now TC


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