Saturday, 27 February 2010

Girl Mysterious

Here she is, a total transformation from the first vision, I had in mind for this painting. But that doesn't matter because, I'm still keen on creating Girl Bunny. I have come to realize, I need to research and sketch more for that idea. Already looking forward to it because, as I'm writing this, ideas are popping into my head. Anyway Girl Mysterious is standing under roots of a tree and I'm pleased how this painting has turned out. So may start Girl Bunny in a few days. I want to concentrate on the animation, for now. Please keep yourself updated for my next painting.

I will be setting up a twitter page next week. I will post that when its up and running. I have had such a busy day today getting ready to move, cleaning out a large cupboard full of boxes. Breakfast with one of my mates also looking at paints at a local store for decorating etc.

This is just a quick break and I will be going back to clearing and sorting out boxes soon.

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I will post updates about my animation within a few days.



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