Thursday, 25 February 2010

Leaving Girl Bunny for another day.

I started a painting the other day. All intention on creating a style that is very similar to Girl Pink. This piece I wanted it on canvas. So while I was out with my boyfriend. We went to the nearest art shop in the town and bought my paints. At the moment I'm in my pink obsession so of course the paints had to be pink.

That evening I prepare my self. I became focused, I adore fresh and new things so I was naturally excited about opening up my new paint and taking the thin plastic protector off the 'new' canvas I also had bought.

I researched my composition and the similar style I want to keep. I blocked in the colours onto the canvas. Enjoying that bright fresh colour of pink.

The next day I apply detail. My emotions start to change from this exciting fresh 'ooh I have new things', To 'Oh my god what is this I'm painting'. My subconscious decides to take other and paint something that is nothing to do with this style I'm going for.

I think to my self shall I leave this painting or start again. Or keep going and see where it takes me. I hate starting something that may be a waste of my time. I take a step back, I put the paint brush down and I go back to my animation I'm working on.

I begin to work on the lighting of the animation feeling the good about the renders that are being produced.

However mind still plays on about the painting. That late afternoon I felt that all the progress I done for that day on animation was successful, so I go back to the painting. I begin to paint over things. I Change everything apart from the pink and I have to say.........its no longer Girl Bunny.

I hope to have a digital image of my painting over the next few days. However you may have to bare with me I'm moving soon and I have to pack and My friend is visiting tonight and most of today I've been working on my animation which I feel is looking not bad.



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