Wednesday, 17 February 2010


hi there
I have updated some areas of my web site. I have added new portfolio material so you can see some of the development of some the characters I have been working on since 2009.

I given my self a few goals this year I hope I'm not spreading my self too thin. There is a film festival that I like to enter its advertised on the net working site which I have a profile there also. It a great site to getting to know people in the industry that involves film and games. (so check it out)

I also plan to model a few characters that I truly adore that be Kei and Rainie, by the end of the I year should have a new animation about Kei (surprises eh)

I've gone back to painting, a lost passion that I haven't been tendering too. I didn't realize how much I missed it. Until I picked up the brush last week. I also should have a few digital images of my paintings on the website for you to browse at soon.


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