Monday, 22 March 2010

Gifteddolphin has moved (yay)

Hi there

After all this talk, I finally have moved house, which was last friday. It was very hard going. The removal van came too early and I was not ready. I was rushing around like crazy putting the last items in bags hoping they would not collaps due to the weight.

My yorkshire terrier decided to run away my heart skipped beats with worry beacuse she does not now the area and something terrible could of happened to her. Really dark thoughts entered my mind, knowing my Rudie Ru is not street minded and I have suspicions
that she has acute autistic characteristics. Which one day I shall get her tested for. Finally my boyfriend found her. I'm glad he was around. Poor wee Rudie Ru was shaking from top to bottom. She has not been well the last few days due to the move, she has been bit sick. Allthough I do feel she will survive this experience.
OMG there was a stain on my beautful new very light pink carpet my brain could of exploded like stressed Eric. Franticly I managed to get the stain out of the carpet and now its looking brand new (It is brand new ahh). After this things were going fine just trying to get some of the chaos back to order so I could get some sleep.

That night when I was heading to bed I decided to seek out my mobile, however it was no where to be seen, I looked all over the idea of the loss resulted in me screaming at my boyfriend after all he had done to help that day (poor thing). It was later found sitting out side my new house. (Guess what; by my boyfriend) for say 6 hrs the moble was liying out side for. I think I can say that I am a tad lucky that it was not swiped by anyone or crushed. I slept like the dead that night.

All this was just to explain why I have not updated my blog for the last week or so. I'm trying to slip back into my
unusual work routin.

I plan to have a update on 'Girl Bunny' the painting that I've been working on I hope to get that finised soon. I also plan to have the seriously mini animation I be working including that Surprise I have been talking about by say mid next week.

I've been rambling alot perhaps been a bore to some. I'm off now to crack on with some of my work so you can see the progress next week.


Sunday, 14 March 2010

gifteddolphin is busy

hi there

If you one the great people that like to read my blog then I thank you and don't hesitate to email or comment.

I'm working on a painting that I'm documenting the progress by taking pictures and noting my thoughts also. That will be my next blog,when I next write.
However I dont think I be on here for another week I really don't know. I'm moving house next week, I dont know if I get much work done or when I put up my next blog entry.

I have almost finished my mini animation and also wanted to show my surprise. I really dont want to start what I have in mind and not update it over a week. So I will begin that when the internet is transferred to the new house. which is sooooooooooo bleh because I want to do it now.

These things happen :( but please keep posted and I be back or so so in a week.

Thank you peeps


Monday, 8 March 2010

Girl Fashion

This is the start of the Girl Fashion collection. These designs were inspired by this spring season. Romantic Nude, Floral's with an edge and more poka dots seen in Luella's spring summers collection.

Who could resist an out fit like this and not have there hair tired up in a big bow. Its soo adorable.

These illustrated designs can be found at my store at Zazzle.

Any way I could write all day about this season style and how much I love it. However that is Xani's job. You can find out more about Xani here.

There be more Girl Fashion so keep your-selves posted:)


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Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Today I shall discuss a 3d character. This character name is Xani and is a female age 19.
Milly which you can see on my website or keep your self updated with my blog as I shall also discus that character later, was my first human like character. Xani is my 2nd human like 3d character, that I have modeled with the help of digital tutors.

When I was developing this character these where the challenges that I was faced with.

  • Audience
  • Style
  • Look
  • personality
I knew I wanted create a young person and I wanted the character to be female. I wanted this character to have these qualities: fun, confident and a romantic.

I undertook research into well known characters that have these qualities. Such as Jessica Rabbit, Betty Boop , Minnie Mouse and Wilma Flintstone. Even though these characters have these traits in common, each character have qualities that make them unique. With this in mind I developed Xani's personality.

Xani's Profile.

Xani is career orientated and is quite materialistic. I wanted to communicate that she is working towards something and has struggles to try and achieve that goal. I decided to make her a college student, studying journalism. Xani loves fashion and spires to be a editor of a well known magazine one day.

Xani background is not from money. She needs to work harder than others to achieve her success. She has no parents and stays with her grand parents. She is most closest to her grandmother.

To help her through college. She has a Saturday job as a waitress and is a fashion model. Xani drives a Mini convertible, which she pays the costs through the few modeling jobs she has. She dreams of wearing Chanel, Prada and designs from Valentino Garavani one day .

Her other interests are kick boxing. She likes to keep herself fit and healthy.

Xani's Look

Her look has gone through many changes since I started the concept art for this character. Originally she had no eyes inspired by the 'emo' style . Hower I was given advice that my initial goal was not going to be achieved this way. Taking the advice I gave her eyes and her look developed from there, I feel the character is cute and shows the qualities that I mentioned above; fun, confident and a romantic.

Todays popular items in a women's wardrobe is skinny jeans, a long T and boots. I wanted Xani to wear items that represented most items owned by women or by a young women today. Xani does wear a smaller T-shirt because she is young and I feel it represents the fun side of her character.

I have plans to develop this this character further and hopefully you see her in action soon. Please keep your self updated via blog.



Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Updating my Wee Shop

Hi there I wanted to write about Xani tonight and talk about her character. Its getting late and I'm very tired so I'm going to leave it for now. I'm away for a couple of days so I wont get chance until then. I wanted to go into great detail about this character :(. But I think it can wait to my mind is fresh more clear. Anyway I added new stuff to my store here is the sample below:

Night night peeps back in a couple of days.


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