Sunday, 14 March 2010

gifteddolphin is busy

hi there

If you one the great people that like to read my blog then I thank you and don't hesitate to email or comment.

I'm working on a painting that I'm documenting the progress by taking pictures and noting my thoughts also. That will be my next blog,when I next write.
However I dont think I be on here for another week I really don't know. I'm moving house next week, I dont know if I get much work done or when I put up my next blog entry.

I have almost finished my mini animation and also wanted to show my surprise. I really dont want to start what I have in mind and not update it over a week. So I will begin that when the internet is transferred to the new house. which is sooooooooooo bleh because I want to do it now.

These things happen :( but please keep posted and I be back or so so in a week.

Thank you peeps


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