Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Today I shall discuss a 3d character. This character name is Xani and is a female age 19.
Milly which you can see on my website or keep your self updated with my blog as I shall also discus that character later, was my first human like character. Xani is my 2nd human like 3d character, that I have modeled with the help of digital tutors.

When I was developing this character these where the challenges that I was faced with.

  • Audience
  • Style
  • Look
  • personality
I knew I wanted create a young person and I wanted the character to be female. I wanted this character to have these qualities: fun, confident and a romantic.

I undertook research into well known characters that have these qualities. Such as Jessica Rabbit, Betty Boop , Minnie Mouse and Wilma Flintstone. Even though these characters have these traits in common, each character have qualities that make them unique. With this in mind I developed Xani's personality.

Xani's Profile.

Xani is career orientated and is quite materialistic. I wanted to communicate that she is working towards something and has struggles to try and achieve that goal. I decided to make her a college student, studying journalism. Xani loves fashion and spires to be a editor of a well known magazine one day.

Xani background is not from money. She needs to work harder than others to achieve her success. She has no parents and stays with her grand parents. She is most closest to her grandmother.

To help her through college. She has a Saturday job as a waitress and is a fashion model. Xani drives a Mini convertible, which she pays the costs through the few modeling jobs she has. She dreams of wearing Chanel, Prada and designs from Valentino Garavani one day .

Her other interests are kick boxing. She likes to keep herself fit and healthy.

Xani's Look

Her look has gone through many changes since I started the concept art for this character. Originally she had no eyes inspired by the 'emo' style . Hower I was given advice that my initial goal was not going to be achieved this way. Taking the advice I gave her eyes and her look developed from there, I feel the character is cute and shows the qualities that I mentioned above; fun, confident and a romantic.

Todays popular items in a women's wardrobe is skinny jeans, a long T and boots. I wanted Xani to wear items that represented most items owned by women or by a young women today. Xani does wear a smaller T-shirt because she is young and I feel it represents the fun side of her character.

I have plans to develop this this character further and hopefully you see her in action soon. Please keep your self updated via blog.



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