Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Skitz the Kat

Meet Skitz the Kat. You may have seen her on my website gifteddolphin or twitter. Bellow is some concept art showing her facial profiles. From these images I created the 3D model.

I thought I'll discuss this characters traits. This may or not cause controversiality in some people but this character is not meant to cause any offense to anyone. I would like to state that before I continued further. Skitz has some mental illness problems that have not been diagnosed as yet. Though will be in the near future, when her human parent takes her to the vet. She will be given some anti-depression tablets which are only prescribed for cats.

(May I state this is a fictional character, and I personally do not encourage any experimentation or abuse with any kind of drug use).

However, after Skitz has been given these tablets they only made her dazed and her reactions slow. Skitz is influenced and completely convinced that her human parent is conspiring against her. Skitz decides to plot against her human parent and tries to inflict as much chaos as possible within her home.

This is the story behind the Skitz character and I hope you grow to love her, rather than hold her little eccentricities against her.

Above is the 3D version of Skitz if you have not seen her before. There will be more posts about skitz in the future please keep popping into my blog for updates. :)



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