Sunday, 18 April 2010

Spaceship, Kei and Girl Bunny

The last few days I've been working with a colleague on a space project. The area I'm working on in this project is the editing. He has worked on the concept, the modeling and the rendering. Final renders should be today then it's my turn (whoop). Very excited about this. It's been a great short project, I say 2 and half weeks he been working on it and now editing and it'll be done. Our client has a screening organized where this clip will be edited into a film so when I find out the dates, I'll post that up on here and twitter. I will also add some links when it's all over for you to take a look of the still renders.

Anyway I have recently been saying "it's time I learn how to multitask while I sleep." It does feel like I have not put anything online for some time now. I'm always busy working away on something and I feel sleep can take up so much time.

I have started modeling a character which has been alive in mind now for about 3 years. Her name is Kei. I have done some sketches of her in the past but never really felt quite right.

While modeling I have allowed my mind to wonder free and the model itself is different. What I mean by different, is her facial bone structure. I have been working on her now on and off for two weeks. and each time that I have been working on the character its been great. I have researched in to hair tutorials and hope to have developed some really awesome techniques and hope to have this (link) style of hair on my character.
(This is only to show what I aim to achieve. This link is a sample only).

This is the closest to the character Kei that I have drawn below.

I have almost finished Girl Bunny. Which is a painting that I have been working on, on and off for 6 weeks now, and very pleased with the way it looks. I have documented the progress. I blog that when its done.

Ty and Tc


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