Thursday, 27 May 2010

Kei in 3D. (a working progress)

As I have mentioned before in my previous blogs I've been working on a 3d character named Kei. This work shown bellow is some of my working progress and what stage I am at with this character.

This is a front profile of Kei in the beginning stages of modeling. ( Well coming to the end of modeling)

I've not finished texturing yet but bellow is an example of my texturing work along with the typology of the model.

At this stage I am concentrating a lot on the hair. I've still a lot of tweaking to do but I thought I show some of my rendering tests.

As you can see from these examples I still have a bit of work to do on Kei. The next time when I show this character, she should be completed and ready for animation with horns.

I have 2 other main characters to model that will be involved in this animation. I shall tell you more as my work progresses.

For now I leave you with Kei as a working progress.

Night night.


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