Thursday, 17 June 2010

Names for Skitz animation and some updates.

I have decided on the names for the Skitz's parent and his friend that I have mentioned in previous blogs.  I have decided that Skitz's parent will be named Phren and his friend will be named Nick.  I like this names I think that they suit the characters well.  Still working on Kei. I will be blogging her progress soon. Also coming up with new ideas for a new intro for my show reel.  I think the other intro needs updating and I've learned loads of new skills I would like to try out. So I decided to show that on the intro in the show reel I currently have on my website. 

The sitcom that I'm helping out with is currently in the casting stages. When the filmmaker posts information about the sitcom.  I shall direct links when that up and running.



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