Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Skitz's Parent

Today I would like to introduce the parent of Skitz.  I have spent few minuets a day.  Over the last couple of  days working around Kei, to produce some concept art of Skitz's parent.  I just got excited about the idea and this little project and wanted to show some progress.

On the right here are some initial designs.
I have already decided that I want the parent to be female young and cute round the age of a mid teen.  I also want to follow the style of Skitz.  So I follow a similar path of a big oval shaped head and big eyes. 
As I continue to get a feel of the character she begins develop and I see clearer the personality of this character.   This character as shown above, I do start designing from the head down. when I get the feel of the characters face the body begins to shape its self on most occasions. This character was basically drawing herself and it felt she was practically jumping from the page.

Kei I have the story in my head and the way I would like the character to play out. Kei's initial concept ideas to paper has not been as easy.

Kei is stylised though not as much as this character on the left.  Deciding on the clothing, hair colour and getting the right style has taken a lot of decisions to consider while creating Kei.

On the right I decided to take the concept work bit further and do some digital colour studies. I usually like to draw in colour pencil. Others like to work with just digital art packages while doing there concept designs.  I feel I spent a lot of time on the computer. It is bit refreshing to go in the garden with a smoothie preferably with mango and loose my self in designing the character. While the weather has been good lately.  I feel the colour has bought some life into this character. 

I felt Red hair will work better with the whole colour style that I have created. Skitz is pink and her pet fish is pink and blue. Depending on what colour of red is used it can be clashing with the colour pink.  I feel this red works well and keeps in with the whole style.

I haven't gave her name yet But I shall be soon.  I may start another pole and see what you think of the name choices. 

I shall start on the 3d works for these characters soon as I can.  However I'm concentrating my time on Kei and would like to have her finished with some animation tests soon. I would also  like to begin the environments and finish the other characters. Also basically get on with the animation I have in mind for Kei.  In July I shall be in a small part acting in a independently made sitcom that I have been casted for. That shall take bit of my time also. 

I shall blog the progress of the sitcom on here and on my actors blog so when I have linked up everything you can follow me here or there.  

When I have  finally given this charater a name I shall document her profile.  So you have more of an idea of her personality.  I feel I have been bit vague with her personality. Once I have decided on a name and produce some more work. I feel you have more of a connection with this character.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog :D


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