Sunday, 18 July 2010

Kei part 2 (a working progress)

I haven't blogged any 3d work for a little while. I thought I'd show some of my progress of kei.  You can see the earlier images in the blog I created named Kei in 3d.

The changes that I have done
since the last model is pointed
out bellow.  
  • Improved the skin and created the texture to be more realistic.
  • I've changed her hair style. Well actually gone back to the original concept Idea. 
  • The eye. To be similar  to the real eye. 
I'd like to mention that I have not done any alterations to the mesh,  since the last time I've blogged. I've concentrated on the points above creating better textures and using the software techniques. Looking back, the skin and the eye changes to Kei makes a huge difference to the way Kei looks and I like it.

Her character does transform and it will be a painful transformation for her when she does. Kei also does not understands why she changes. 

Kei is not of this world.  Born from a race that has considered themselves ascended. She does not have any memory of her own world or how she has arrived on earth.  This character is a victim of circumstance and the story will develop on how she deals with situations that she is faced with. I don't want to go too much into the details of the character until I've finished her completely.   

However, the animation short I have in mind for this character is completely different to her actual plot line that I have not long mentioned. For example the famous writer Steven King, takes his characters and pops them in other plot lines in his books. Same with the writer Terry Prachett. 

I'm doing a similar thing with this character. I love to go details of this animation short. It does have a twist and if I reveal it at this stage it will spoil it.  

The skin is a little dark in this render. I need to go back and alter that, also I want to make some changes to the veins perhaps some subtle veins on the cheeks.  The hair I must confess I'm not happy with. I'm not too worried about that because I have a way to change and fix that.

In this render the detail of the horns are a lot clear and when the hair is finally  styled the way I want it, the horns will be a lot clearer.

When Kei transforms, her veins becomes much more  prominent and her skin becomes slightly paler than the natural skin which you see in future renders.  

In this render, I've added the skin pores and specular mapping to make the lips shiny and bit wet looking. 

Thought I'd do a close up render of the eye. Again I'm not happy with the eyelashes which I'll go back to. The effect I want is like a mascara advert full curvy lashes. 

Her eyes are wide because it's the style I like to create a base model.  For clients I model the eyes looking more relaxed rather than wide eyed, unless asked differently. I do the eyes this way as a base to create different facial expressions. 

The next time I blog about Kei she will be completely finished ready for animation.


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