Sunday, 11 July 2010

my take on Predators 2010 (has spoilers)

On the day of release in the UK, which happened to be the same day as my mothers birthday.  Relief filled me when she finally made a decision on what she wanted to do for the day. One of the activities was to see Predators.  Later that day, after catering to the whims of my mother was over and I was finally free to spend the rest of the day doing some art work.  I decided to tweet, what was bothering me about this film. 

I also had discussions with other people as well, though they had not seen this film they could not comment on my view point.

Most of yesterday afternoon I was helping with auditions. Once they had finished the people I was with suggested that we go and see Predators. Though I have seen this film once before. It was a good opportunity  because I wanted to get my facts right before I blogged.

I have seen this movie twice now since it's release, which has only been a few days in the UK. I feel slightly over saturated with Predator though it's not a bad thing.

From the opening scene this film has a adrenaline rush experience. Oscar winning actor Adrien Brody plays the role of Royce who is wakes up while falling from the sky and lands in a jungle like environment. When he reaches the ground he meets eight others with the same experience as him self.  No memory on why or how they reached the jungle or who brought them there;  Apart from a blinding light which happens to be the common factor the eight share before they were kidnapped.

However the eight characters soon begin to realize that there is something out there unlike them selves and it is hunting them.  They also realize, that they have to calibrate there skills, if they want to survive the horrors, that is enveloped within the jungle.

I felt the cast was a brilliant choice for this film. However the character Royce didn't really change much through out this film and remained much the same and not really growing or developing. For example I felt that the character neither became stronger or weaker or learned any lessons from his experience while being hunted by a predatory creature.  

The most major element that stood out in this film to me and bothered me enough to blog it.  Is when the characters discover that the planet that they are inhabiting may not be earth.  The character Isabel creates a test by constructing an organic compass. The compass just spins in a rapid continuous circular motion.

Which gives the idea that the planet does not have any planetary polar points. This means that the planet has no rotation. The character Royce, also states that there has been no evidence that planet has moved round the sun and Royce also says  that the sun has remained in the same position in the sky.  This would suggest similarities like the film Pitched Black, there maybe no night, for at least a while anyway. 

However the film does have night time but does not explain why there is a night.  I feel this is a slight scientific inaccuracy in the film. A  hiccup which I happen to noticed and felt the need to blog about. 

I did enjoy this movie and I do feel its worth going to the cinema to watch if you love everything about predator like I do.  I even enjoyed the fact that they introduced the idea, that there is more than one cultural species within Predators. This communicates to me that there is a whole possibility that there may be a structural society in the world of predators and I find that quite exciting.  

The predator that is hunting the eight is brutal, cold, calculating with little remorse to its prey though similar to traditional predator. The predictor most known to us have a sense of honour and awards the warrior that defeats the predator.  For example when the character named Lieutenant Mike Harridan in predators 2 (1990) was awarded a musket for defeating a well respected predator.

The film is left open to a impression that there may be a sequel and I will look forward to the fact they might create another film.


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