Thursday, 12 August 2010

Xani goes shopping

This short animation is designed for a blog I shall be starting all about Xani, either in the next few days or the beginning of next week.  I also plan to have a few more shore animations about her adventures, so if you like this character.  I post on twitter and here when I start her journey.

This blog I wrote about Xani is the all about her character profile.  To summarise the character. Xani is a college student studying journalism but would like to specialise in fashion and editorial.  To keep her going through college she earns her money by being a model. She earns enough to get by. She likes to keep physically fit by doing kick boxing.

Like Kei I went back to Xani to improve her skin and eyes. This animation would of been posted sooner however I found a great tutorial to improve look of the character and felt it necessary for the delay.

ciao xx


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