Wednesday, 22 September 2010

My website and some updates

Its been month or so since I last blogged and a lot has happened during that time. I've been working on a independently made sitcom named Gameboyz. Where I've played a small role in and currently working on the CGI elements. For this project I am also making a documentary of behind the scenes of Gameboyz and I'm currently editing. 

One more day of filming of Gameboyz then its a wrap and off to the editor. At the moment a trailer is also been created and the website for Gameboyz is in process of creating a style and branding.  Where you shall be introduced to the quirky characters played by the cast. 

At present I'm having computer problems which is still happening, another reason why there's been a slow production amount of 3d work being blogged.

However the main reason why I'm blogging today is to let you know that the website under the domain name will be no longer available after the 25/09/10 at present working on a new website and seeking a new host.

However I still have ownership over the domain and will be transferring it when I have new website and showreel made.

For my new website I'm aiming to have a new showreel containg the work I've done for Gameboyz and other projects I've done recently. You can still get in touch with me via if wish to work with me on a project.  To see any samples of my work on visit or rake through my old blogs.

I've almost most finished the critter for the project Gameboyz. In a few days I'll shall blog the concept art and the cgi of that character.  Just the texturing to do which wont take long.

So if you a regular reader of my blog thanks for revisiting and keeping updated with my work.



  1. I admire your willingness to work. Good luck with the new website and sitcom.


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