Sunday, 10 October 2010

GAMEBOYZ sitcom - Say hello Mr Critter

I decided to upload the concept art and some rough renders of the critter that I have been asked to design for the independently made sitcom called Gameboyz.

The initial design ideas for this critter came from the lost Aztec civilization.  They used the masks as symbols of there beliefs to decorate there alters. 

I did a few ideas for this character and these 2 designs were selected. Then later decided that the above design  was the one preferred to develop into 3d.

This little critter is about 2ft tall and very mischievous.  This is a mystical creature which comes alive in the in the sitcom. To my current knowledge the critter causes as much headache as possible.

I've shown some of these renders to a few people not on the net. The feed back is been very amusing some find him really scary others adored him and found him cute and cuddly.  I have enjoyed creating this character and love him to bits but I wouldn't call him cuddly.


This is a live action piece so he will be composited into the film and you see him getting up to no good.

Please keep yourselves updated over the next few weeks.  There be loads of development to the sitcom Gameboyz.  You shall be introduced to the cast when the website becomes live. Also the documentary of behind the scenes footage of the creation of gameboyz which has been loads of fun to be part of.
(oh did I mention that I also play a small part in the gameboyz.:D)

I cant wait when the editors have done a rough cut to finally see it and I get the footage to composite the little critter and bring him to life.  There are more little different types of critters in the Gameboyz they are in future episodes and in time you get to know what they are all about.

Any way is now back in action if you like to visit my web site.  If you have anything to ask me about projects or any creative art work you like me to do.  You can contact me via the my website.


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