Sunday, 21 November 2010

Swirly Clouds Part 2

I thought the next time I blogged about Applelove I would have had the environment completely finished. However I became distracted with more ideas for this render. I developed the idea and the style of rain and rainbows to see how the render would feel with the change. I think I've finally created a dream like feel to Applelove. Above is a grab of wire frame of the scene that I'm experimenting with.

I also changed the sun, I originally used a ramp shader. The ramp was not really giving me the feel that I wanted for the scene or giving me the effects that I envisioned for the sun.

I decided to use geometry instead and see where that would take me. I think it works better now  as you can see in the next image below theres a nice   halo around the sun and glow on the clouds that gives it that dream like feel.

Yep, I'm quite happy where this animation is going. I even love the way the sun is glowing through the rain.  I think it give it an almost romantic setting.  Which is the whole point of Applelove, (dur it's a love story...... never mind :p) 

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