Monday, 10 October 2011

Skitz, Phren and Nick - character models

Skitz, Phren and Nick is an animation I have in mind which, I work on in  my own time.   Skitz, Phren and Nick is about a cat. A cat that has not had a good start in life and soon finds herself with a new owner.

Phren, Skitz's new owner is in her very early teens and when she comes back from school Skitz leaves her an unwelcoming surprise which, is different everyday.  Unknown to Phren, Skitz has not been lucky with her previous owners and is a very traumatized cat. Skitz feels that Phren is conspiring against her and thinks phren's pet fish is her best friend. However Nick the fish has his own hidden agendas. 

To the left is Phren.  you can find the concept art to phren via this link

From the concept art she has developed and changed slightly mainly her top. I decided on a jumper than a shirt because its cuter and feels more right for her character. I added her wire frame render at the bottom so you can see her topology.

I made a quick rig and made some simple poses to give an idea and a feel of the character.  I decided the character likes to read so I added a book to give life to the character and her personality. 

Below is Skitz in her character poses, again to get an idea of the character.  Skitz is bit accident prone and absent mind if that trait can be applied to cats.

To your right here is a standard pose of the quadruped.  

Skitz's best friend is next on the list to model.  If you quite keen to see Nick the fish you can have a look at the concept art for Nick via this link 

I will continue to post about Skitz,Phren & Nick.  What I have in mind in my post about this idea will be Nick fully modelled. This will be interesting study because it be my first time modeling a fish.  I have already in mind how I'm going to go about it and I don't think it be too difficult and looking forward to it.   V.

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